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On Rotation for the Weekend: March 19th


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On Rotation

Perfect moody background music for a lockdown of indeterminate length: folklore

On Rotation for the Weekend: August 1st

At the end of the week I like to catch up on podcasts, blog post or books.

Online Conferences Happening in August

These online conferences are turning out to be one of my favorite things in 2020. So many opportunities to see talks that I would not have been able to attend in person!

CODE-VID 19: 100 Days of Code for 1000 Days or Quarantine

At some point during quarantine I started spending an hour a day working in Python. It was some real low pressure stuff, just with the goal of getting more comfortable actually programming. After three weeks, I somehow convinced the rest of the team at Madstone to join me in a 100 Days of Code journey. I’m here to talk about: The study materials we chose. How we treated it like a project to help us get familiar with our new project management system. What our goals were and how it’s helped us grow as a company. I’ll start with a...

On Rotation for the Weekend: August 1st

A few of my favorite things from this month:

Working from Home, All of a Sudden

If your day job is anything like mine, employees work remotely…occasionally. At this point, we’ll have to consider ourselves the lucky ones, because at least our organization has some practice with telework.

On Rotation

Highly recommended if you’re looking for absorbing stories with a tech angle: Darknet Diaries

Splunk .Conf19

Splunk .Conf19

Enterprise level security for smaller teams