SimpleHelp is the simplest way for support professionals to help customers anywhere



Remote Support

Your customers can request support in just two clicks: Download and Run. The support application gathers information from your customer and their computer, and adds them into your support queue. In seconds your technicians can view and control their computer.

Remote Access

Remotely diagnose issues and access computers when no-one is there. Technicians can use SimpleHelp to connect to a remote computer with just a single click, allowing them to efficiently perform remote maintenance and deployments

Monitoring and Alerting

Computers that are registered with your SimpleHelp server can each upload performance data. With SimpleHelp you can monitor thousands of servers and PCs, allowing you to easily spot problems before users notice

Simple Presentations

SimpleHelp technicians can share their desktop from within the SimpleHelp Technician Console. Presentations can be attended by thousands of attendees just by using a web browser. No Java, Flash, Silverlight or downloads required, and presentations can be viewed from almost any device

Enterprise level security for smaller teams