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Meet Our Team

Andhi Jeannot

Co-Founder & CEO

Reggie Galjour

Co-Founder and CSO

Jared Gore

Co-Founder and CTO

About Us

Origin Story

In January 2014, we started NOLASECURE.IT LLC. Our focus then was to offer exceptional service in a complicated IT landscape. Information Security started to be taken seriously with the anouncement of high profile hacks. As a young start-up we focused on using open-source technology to provide quality service and reliable solutions to our clients.

Over the years we accumulated tools, methods, and know-how that allowed us to keep our quality consistent as we grew our client base.

With the maturity of technologies such as automated deployments and container technology, our toolbox became easier to manage. That gave us the idea to share our toolbox with other IT firms so they could also offer reliable and affortable service to their respective clients.

In October 2018 we created Madstone Technology.

What is our mission?

Technology should be simple to try, implement, and maintain. Our cloud platform does the heavy-lifting of deploying, configuring, monitoring, and maintaining technologies used to manage businesses.

Our mission is to make enterprise level technology accessible.

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Our Clients Say

We've worked with Madstone Technologies on several occasions and it's always been an excellent experience. Where we fall short, they were able to help us significantly without the worry of quality of services, and that's extremely important for us as small business since the cost of bad services could be detrimental.

Alton Johnson
Vonahi Security

Andhi has been great at explaining things to me. He helped me modernize my ansible scripts for server setup and get everything back in good shape. He's provided great ideas on how to move more things into the AWS infrastructure and helped me start to use SQS when I upgraded our queuing process. I'm a software engineer but have always shied away from the IT side of things, and my team has ranged from 1-3 technical employees, so he's been very helpful to my very-small, small business. He's also generally a nice guy to talk to when brainstorming things or explaining things.

Julie Goldberg
Empower Engine

Make Technology Security Easier